Durable, performance films for printable graphics

Formulated from the base resin technology used to make Argotec's highly successful paint and surface protection films, ArgoGraph is a two-part graphic films system.

Working in tandem the two components of the ArgoGraph system are designed to protect, preserve and prolong the life of advertising and decorative graphics in harsh environments. The films are highly durable to prevent damage from UV, abrasion and chipping, and exposure to chemicals and wear. They are ideal for vehicle wraps, fleet graphics, exterior signage, durable decals and product labels, and architectural signage subject to prolonged exposure to corrosive outdoor elements.

The ArgoGraph system gives film coaters and converters serving the graphics industry a comprehensive solution to meet the need for clear, conformable and durable graphic films. Easy to use and environmentally friendly, the films are non-PVC, halogen- and lubricant-free and accept all commercial adhesive systems.

The two-part system is comprised of ArgoGraph-Clear, a premium grade overlaminate facestock that is applied over a premium grade, printable thermoplastic polyurethane substrate ArgoGraph-White to protect the graphics underneath. To optimize the print output using the ArgoGraph system we recommended you download the specified Printer Profiles for your system.

Market Success

Argotec's ArgoGraph two-part thermoplastic polyurethane TPU graphic film system featured in the Big Picture magazine. The environmentally conscious film and overlaminate provide printers with a 'green' alternative to vinyl for use in demanding outdoor applications. 

ArgoGraph two part graphic films system