Durable paint and surface protection films for harsh environments

ArgoGuard is a high performance uncoated thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) paint and surface protection film. ArgoGuard provides a strong and durable shield for any bare or painted metal, glass or plastic surface exposed to extreme conditions to prevent damage from abrasion, chipping, chemicals and wear.

ArgoGuard has excellent abrasion and impact resistance to provide adhesive coaters, automotive engineers, appliance designers and electronics display manufacturers a durable layer of protection for cars, trucks, appliances, mobile devices, computers, electronic display screens and more. ArgoGuard films offer coaters and converters consistent optical clarity, conformability, UV resistance, lay-flat and Class-A gloss finish required for their products.

With a proven track record and a proprietary formulation that provides outstanding processability for adhesive coaters, Argotec is the largest extruder of uncoated TPU paint protection films for the global automotive aftermarket. If you have a valuable surface to protect ArgoGuard is the material of choice.