Brands: ARGOMED®

Strong and flexible thermoplastic polyurethane films meet the demands of the medical industry

ArgoMed films are top of the line medical grade films. The range of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) films are used for liquid and viral barriers, wound care and transdermal components and waterproof-breathable medical textiles. Consistent and reliable, ArgoMed medical films are the preferred choice for medical textile laminations and devices. Medical product designers, manufacturers, laminators, adhesive coaters and hospitals worldwide look to Argotec as a trusted supplier.

The physical structure and puncture resistance of ArgoMed films allows them to act as both liquid and viral barriers, shielding patients and staff from potentially harmful blood-borne pathogens. In addition, ArgoMed films can be engineered to incorporate antimicrobial components that help reduce the growth of damaging bacteria and micro-organisms that may degrade the exposed film surface.


  • Value - small percentage of the finished product cost, high percentage of the performance
  • Clean - ISO Class 7 environment
  • Quality - material, process, and end-product consistency

Market Success

ArgoMedPLUS 18411 is a revolutionary film-on-paper for the medical wound care marketplace. This film on special paper meets target peel values to provide just the right peel (release) properties for use in kiss-cutting of windows in frame-type dressings. Medical supply retailers, distributors, converters and adhesive coaters now have a viable, cost-effective film-on-paper option to choose for the manufacture high performance surgical drapes and wound care dressings.