Product: ArgoEdgeSealPLUS

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Patent pending* ArgoEdgeSealPLUS® is designed for laminators to seal the edges of multi-layer glass composites. This next generation edge seal has a foil layer offering the ultimate in properties:

  • Provides dramatically enhanced moisture and solvent resistance.
  • Minimizes composite layer damage from solvents contained in caulks, sealants and cleaning solutions.
  • Helps protect the edge of glass laminates from chipping and other minor damage.
  • Creates an aesthetically pleasing appearance on the laminate edge.

ArgoEdgeSealPLUS is available in a large variety of standard widths. Custom-slit widths are available upon request. Master rolls, 40-inches (1 m) wide by 120-feet (36.5 m) long, may be purchased.

* Patent number 12/714,569.