Urethane performance in tough and flexible formulations and formats

Exhibiting the physical properties inherent in Argotec's polyurethane film and sheet, including strength, durability, and chemical resistance its range of tubing is also kink resistant with strong gripability. Argotec's tubing is extremely tough and tear resistance with tensile strengths more than twice that of vinyls. Argotec can extrude numerous diameters, wall thicknesses, color options and custom formulations to satisfy even the most difficult design challenges. Two or more tubes can even be bonded into a single, multi-tube unit to facilitate coding and tracking of fluids between components.


  • Reduced cost - efficient operation, gripability that eliminates the need for external clamps in many low pressure applications
  • Design flexibility - ability to bond two or more tubes into a single, multi-tube unit 
  • Longer life - high burst strength, working pressures roughly twice that of vinyl