Product: BOC-9450 Edge Seal

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Argotec’s BOC-9450 Edge Seal is designed for use by glass laminators to seal the edges of multi-layer composites made from glass or other glass-like materials. It offers the following benefits:

  • Provides a degree of protection to the edge of the glass laminate from chipping or other mild physical damage.
  • Prevents moisture penetration between the composite layers.
  • Protects against damage due to migration of solvents contained in the caulks used to install the finished glass laminate.
  • Creates an aesthetically pleasing appearance on the laminate edge.

Argotec’s BOC-9450 Edge Seal is currently available in a variety of standard widths. Custom-slit widths are also available upon request. Master rolls may be purchased in dimensions of 40-inches (1 m) wide by 120-feet (36.5 m) long.