Technology: Custom Product Engineering

Material formulation, design and application development

In addition to having the leading portfolio of thermoplastic polyurethane films, sheet, tubing and more Argotec is the industry’s’ leading resource for specialty films and sheet. We manufacturer high performance films from a wide variety of TPE's, including TPU's, copolyesters and other difficult-to-extrude engineered specialty resins. These include high-hardness materials, very thin films cast onto substrates, as well as numerous colors and surface textures. Without having limitations this manufacturing capability guarantees we can develop a material solution for our customers. This unique position gives us an advantage over other suppliers in the industry.

Rarely can a thermoplastic polyurethane application be designed with an off-the-shelf product. Argotec service extends beyond material supply. We analyze a customer's overall application and business requirements to determine the best possible solution customized to satisfy those needs. Increasingly OEM's, plastics fabricators and converters are turning to us to solve their most difficult engineering challenges. Unlike other suppliers, Argotec has the expertise, capability and willingness to formulate new thermoplastic polyurethane or other thermoplastic compounds to meet your specific requirements.


  • Application development - more than material supply, provide analysis of application and business requirements to deliver total customer solution
  • Customization - ability to formulate new materials, thermoplastic polyurethane or other thermoplastic compounds
  • Expertise - unmatched film extrusion capability in thermoplastic polyurethanes and other difficult to extrude engineered specialty resins