Solutions: Leading Edge Protection

Durable, strong edge protection for extreme performance

Exposed to environmental elements, high speeds, and harsh conditions, the leading edges of wind turbine blades can suffer damage that compromises the blades' performance. Poor blade performance reduces energy production and in-use repair downtime is costly.

Based on the same technology used in the aerospace industry to protect helicopter blades and more, Argotec’s advanced leading edge protection can maintain turbine efficiency, reduce downtime and maintenance, and extend the useful life of blades – even in the harshest environments.

When installed on the leading edge of wind turbine blades Argotec’s durable thermoplastic polyurethane surface protection film is a dependable option to repair or prevent costly damage caused by minor impacts and erosion. Argotec’s leading edge protection is easy to install either by the blade manufacturer or in the field for cost efficient installation. 


  • Longer life – protect the blades edges from damage to maintain turbine efficiency and extend the useful life of the blade
  • Reduced cost – durability to reduce downtime and maintenance, easy to install at manufacturer or on-site