Technology: Manufacturing Capabilities

Capacity, customization and contracting

Argotec has unmatched capability, capacity and commitment combined with the most up-to-date manufacturing equipment and technical expertise to produce products and identify solutions that solve its customers most demanding application challenges. There are four separate manufacturing facilities in operation at our headquarters location. Each plant contains state-of-the-industry extrusion lines housed in multi-atmospheric clean rooms to ensure we provide the most exceptionally clean film and sheet available for use in critical applications. 

Focused on quality and customer service Argotec is not only the leading manufacture of high-performance, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) film and sheet but we are also one of the world's largest contract manufacturers of custom engineered, polyurethane film and sheet. With a full line of standardized film offerings, as well as producing proprietary film products for some of the biggest names in the specialty film and chemical industries, Argotec has the capability and experience to satisfy the needs of virtually any private label or contract manufacturing customer.


  • Capacity  - industry leading blown film extrusion capability, unmatched thermoplastic polyurethane high volume extrusion capacity
  • Contract manufacturing - not limited to TPU, ability to produce proprietary specialty film products 
  • Quality - recipe and process controls, packaging and labeling options, and secondary processing