Our Story

Since 2015, Argotec has been a part of the Advanced Materials & Structures group in SWM. SWM, a global leader in engineered solutions, acquired Argotec as part of its strategic transformation strategy. The company's technology and leadership position in the manufacture of thermoplastic polyurethane films and sheet combined with an expertise in extrusion aligned to the SWM focus on extruded resin production capabilities. SWM provides Argotec with expanded capability to serve its customers on a global basis.

Demonstrating a commitment to customer service and innovation, in 2008 Argotec established the Argotec Innovation Center. The stand-alone facility and a technical team are dedicated to research and development of new and improved thermoplastic polyurethane films and processes based on Argotec technology and that of its customers. To satisfy the increasing demands of the global specialty films market, in 2014 Argotec established two business units, Argotec Deutschland GmbH in Hamburg, Germany and Argotec Asia Pacific Ltd. in Hong Kong, China. The SWM acquisition further strengthens the company's strategic investments with expanded business capability, product range, and global reach.

For over 28 years Argotec has been the innovative and technical leader in the specialty films industry. Founded in 1988 the company is the preeminent global supplier of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) films and sheet. At its worldwide headquarters in Greenfield, Mass. the company’s industrial infrastructure consists of state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, including industry leading extrusion capability, capacity, and quality controls. Argotec has unparalleled technical expertise in the extrusion of TPU-based materials and complex polymers. Since its inception, Argotec has provided industry leading solutions and materials technology to help customers worldwide design cutting edge applications, solve difficult design challenges, and create new markets. As part of the AM&S group in SWM Argotec will continue its tradition of innovation and engineering solutions for tomorrow.