Technology: Quality Assurance

Product consistency and high standards

Balancing three critical factors, recipe control, process control and exacting adherence to customer specification, Argotec has earned a reputation for an extremely consistent product. Our team of technical experts works closely to effectively manage these factors, creating a total, unified process that provides our customers with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) products that will meet or exceed the requirements of the end use application.

Thermoplastic polyurethane film is rarely extruded from one resin, the vast majority of applications require a blend, or recipe, comprised of three basic components. The formulation for a specific TPU film is typically a fixed recipe containing a variety of elements, the virgin resin, additive packages and regrind. To ensure customers the highest quality product, both chemically and dimensionally, Argotec adheres to exacting recipe control standards in all three areas.

To control the mechanical consistency and stability of our films, we utilize thoroughly documented manufacturing procedures and equipment to standardize the extrusion process and thereby ensure consistent film quality, lot-to-lot, roll-to-roll. Three essential areas of our process control include temperature and pressure, running speed, and measurement.


  • Performance - documented manufacturing procedures, standardized process control    
  • Consistency - strict recipe controls to ensure batch-to-batch consistency 
  • Reduced cost - ability to use regrind, or recycled polyurethane film, to provide cost-effective solution
  • Quality certified  - all manufacturing plants ISO 9001:2008 certified